Well wasn’t that just another god awful performance. Waste of time 

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Liverpool 1-1 Everton [BPL] 27/09/2014
Phil Jagielka 90’+2
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Oh its your birthday? Wouldn’t it just be a shame if you were to crash you’re car 

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I’m starting to be ashamed of my country and some of its people. With the recent media overload of Islamic extremist its appalling to know just how racist Australians can be. This fear campaign by our government  to justify war seems to be working wonders. The hatred towards Muslim is through the roof in this country, indeed with certain people this hatred has gone beyond hating a specific religion to hating all immigrants. People seem to forget that immigrants built this country, that virtually everyone in this country is an immigrant. It’s appalling that my family can’t go to the local shopping centre without hearing remarks of fucking wogs, speak fucking English your in our country or my personal favourite fuck off back where you came from. Quit fucking generalising everyone to be fucking terrorist because of the actions of a very fucking small minority group.  Not every fucking foreign person you come across is a fucking terrorist if you want a fucking terrorist look at our god damn government, in fact look at most western countries governments because they are the epitome of a fucking terrorist     

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With Cisse dedicating his brace to Jonas it’s nice to see there’s still some class at Newcastle. Although that was ruined by Pardew calling it Jonas’s thing. Fucking thing, he has cancer you wanker and you call it his fucking thing. 

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Alan Pardew is the most infuriating manager ever. Mass hysteria? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s a difficult atmosphere for the players to play in. Well if we weren’t so shit and actually played some decent football then there wouldn’t be a problem. Stupid twat. Do us all a favour and leave.

The stewards are searching everyone for sack pardew banners. They know shits gonna hit the roof and their just making it worse

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Get Well Soon Gutierrez x


Jonas Gutierrez has revealed he is suffering from testicular cancer.

The Newcastle United winger is undergoing chemotherapy and has lost his trademark long locks as he battles the illness.

Gutierrez is a fans’ favourite on Tyneside, but was loaned out to Norwich last season, and was…

Shame the club decided to treat him like shit though. Nonetheless hope you get better soon Jonas. 

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Shit player now. Way out of his depth in the premier league. Lets face it though most of the team does. 
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